This is the new home for Doll Clothes Closet which is the sister site to Kitt’s Kloset Handmade Doll Clothes. On this site I offer quality, readymade clothes that fit your American Girl or other 18 inch doll friend. I only use suppliers whose quality I feel is in line with my own handmade 18 inch doll clothes or who can supply something cute that I simply don’t have time to make.

If you would like to see any certain items added to the site, I’m sure I can find what you need from my doll clothes and accessories suppliers. My goal is not to be the biggest or have the largest selection. Sometimes when the selection is huge, people leave out of frustration. I want you to stay around and shop with me…but let me get done editing this site, is it a deal? Thanks, I think you’ll like what you see when I’m finished with the site!